Knox Superintendent: Kallenberg Should Be Fired

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Knoxville (WVLT) - A hearing before the Knox County School Board will determine a suspended Powell High School Assistant Principal's future with the school system.

Eleven charges were read to the school board which could mean dismissal for suspended Powell High School Assistant Principal Kimberly Kallenberg.

"I heard some things I haven't heard before, things that if, like my attorney said would have been brought forth we wouldn't be here today, it could have been resolved sooner," Kallenberg says.

The charges include accusations that a student heard Kallenberg was having sex with the student's boyfriend.

Another alleges Kallenberg said to a female student at Powell High School "where is your man at?", when the student says she's not responsible for keeping up with him, Kallenberg says, "stop giving him some until he starts coming to school."

The offenses also include grade tampering. One charge says Kallenberg instructed a guidance secretary to change two "F's" on a student's transcripts to "X's" without proper basis for such modification.

"Honestly all I can say is they're not true, I was an excellent administrator, an excellent teacher and I look forward to continuing my career as an educator," Kallenberg says.

Kallenberg's attorney, Greg Isaac's says he now has a lot of questions.

"Why these allegations nine months later, why the allegations that were made that catapulted her in a position that brought embarrassment, humiliation to her family were made," Isaacs says.

The charges have prompted Interim Superintendent Roy Mullins to recommend to the board to terminate Kallenberg's tenure for neglect of duty and unprofessional conduct.

"If these charges are taken as true, Ms. Kallenberg's dismissal as a tenured teacher from the school system is warranted," Karen Carson says.

The Knox County School Board unanimously voted to allow Kallenberg the opportunity to appear before the board, where if she's found guilty, she will be dismissed.

"Kim has said, and will say, she looks forward to a public hearing to refute each and every one of these allegations," Isaacs says.

The letter that was read at the meeting Monday will be sent to Kallenberg. She then has 30 days to request a hearing in front of the board. Her attorney says they do intend to request a hearing.

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