Slain Suspect’s Mother Speaks Out to WVLT

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Maryville, Blount County (WVLT) - We're learning new details about the confrontation between police and an eighteen year old man during a drug store robbery in Maryville.

Eighteen-year-old Daniel Pfeffer was shot twice Thursday by Maryville Police after they say he charged at two officers.

Police say Pfeffer was armed with knives and a hatchet.

Now for the first time, Pfeffer's mother speaks out to WVLT’s Stephen McLamb about the loss of her only son.

"It said the officers are know what? I'm not fine,” Rebecca Pfeffer is trying to piece her life together after her son Daniel was shot by police last Thursday night.

Police say he attempted to rob the CVS pharmacy before coming at them with a knife and a hatchet.

"Could you guys not have tazed him or maced him?"

Police say a preliminary determination indicates the officers followed proper procedure.
Rebecca says her son was a good child with only small problems growing up.

"The only time he was in the juvenile court system is when he got caught at school with cigarettes and he was put on probation."

But it was a year ago when Danny's father died and Rebecca began worrying about problems growing in her son.

"And I says Danny, don't ever let anything happen to you because I wouldn't want to live without you."

It was the night in question when Rebecca says Daniel left the home and she tried to get him to come back.

"I just stood there and I said Danny, please don't do this, please come home. I don't want to be without you."

Rebecca says she watched him run into the woods and the next thing she found out was he was dead.

"I just don't ever know if I can live without my boy."

Maryville Police Chief Tony Crisp says his department does not have Tasers and his officers followed proper procedure in the shooting.

But crisp says Tasers are in his budget request for the coming year.

That request was made before the shooting took place.