Couples Hope to Hit Wedding Date Jackpot

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Gatlinburg, Sevier County (WVLT) - For many people getting married, where they get married is a very important decision.

But for some, when they get married can be just as important.

Coming up next month on this date it will be 7-7-7, that's July 7th, 2007.

As Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb learns, wedding chapels will be ringing plenty of bells that day in Gatlinburg.

A person’s wedding day and where you spend your honeymoon is something you never forget, right?

"Hot Springs. Yeah, Hot Springs Arkansas. It's been 14 years ago so it's been a while,” say Buck and Tonia Daniel.

That may be why July 7, 2007 is getting a lot of attention for wedding days.

"Well, it definately makes it easier to remember the date, that's true,” say Stephen and Holly Sliney.

"Other people choose it I think for the novelty of the idea of having a date to point back to. We get a lot of New Year's Eve and New Year's Day weddings as well,” explains Lee Bennett, owner of Chapel a the Park.

A lot of weddings will be done in Gatlinburg and chapel appointments for 7 am and 7 pm are the first to go.

"So, if she wants it at ten o'clock and would like the B package,” Bennett says. "We're completely booked now except we have one appointment left at ten pm."

Bennett says many of the other chapels are booking up just as fast. But with such a popular day coming soon, it's also having an impact on other businesses, like ones who have to get the brides ready.

“Oh, we probably have like 45 brides on our book for that day,” says Toni Flenniken from Sheer Envy Hair and Nails.

It's a great little boost for Gatlinburg which has seen declining chapel weddings in recent years, and it won't be long before there's another special wedding day.

"As this has become more published, we're already getting reservations for 8/8/08,” Bennett says.

If you're planning to get married in Sevier County all you need is a marriage license.

To get one you must have a valid driver’s license, social security number, and date of last divorce, if you've been married before. Then there's no waiting.