Elk Ceremony on the American Flag

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Believe it or not, the law says you must burn it.

With flag day coming up on Thursday (6/14) the Knoxville Elks Lodge on Lonas Drive hosted a special ceremony about the American Flag on Saturday afternoon.

At the ceremony more than 1500 flags bearing the stars and stripes were properly disposed of in a patriotic blaze.

The event's coordinator says the reason for the burning is simple.

"It's returning it from whence it came," said Rodney Rocket. "Burning is the best method because it totally consumes it. If you go after the flame has died down and search for it, it's truly gone, it's resurrected into the other world."

The City of Knoxville, a custom flag company and Waste Connections joined together with the elks to put on today's disposal program.

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