Mountain Biker Rescued From S. Knoxville Park

Knoxville (WVLT) -- A boat was called into the I. C. King Park in South Knoxville to rescue a mountain biker.

Knoxville fire crews were called to the park when the biker fell off his bike and was knocked unconscious on one of the park's trails.

The victim was not breathing when crews got there and rescuers began CPR.

"When we initially got here we didn't have transportation back in there. So we started walking and they said it was about a mile, well one mile turned into three miles and by the time we got in there we realized we were so far back in there that we couldn't possibly bring him out on a backboard," said Stan Ingle, Knoxville Fire Chief.

The biker was taken to UT Medical Center.

His companion told the rescue crew that he was in shape but had not been on a bike in over a year.

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