Local County Closing 4 Fire Stations

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Arjay, Bell County, KY (WVLT) - Four Eastern Kentucky fire stations could be closing soon.

Bell County volunteer firefighters say after county leaders reduced their funds. They can't continue to operate the stations in the Arjay, Right Fork, Calloway, and Brownies Creek communities. The judge executive says they have plenty of money.

“If they can't keep them open, then I think all of us have to take a look at the fiscal situation of the fire department,” says Bell County Judge Executive Albey Brock.

“They burn down quick enough as it is, before they got here,” says Linda Smith, who lives near the Arjay Fire Station.

“Not to put people into panic, we just want them to know,” explains Sondra Goodin with the Bell County Volunteer Fire Department. “We're trying to function, even though there's not enough money to run all the stations.”

The firefighters are meeting tomorrow night to discuss the closings. The judge executive says he won't allow any stations to close.