8 Questions: Cait "Baby Mac" McMahan

MARYVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT) -- If you're a Lady Vol fan you'll never forget Cait McMahan. The feisty point guard helped lead the team to two national championships in 2007 and 2008. But now instead of hoops it's hip hop. Alan Williams sat down with her to talk about the change.

MCMAHAN: I'm the female Kid Rock, that's what people are saying, or the female Eminem, they're calling me Fimimem.

WILLIAMS: Your name now isn't Cait McMahan, it's now Baby Mac, right?

MCMAHAN: Baby Mac, my last name's McMahan, a lot of people call me Mac.

WILLIAMS: If you could do it right here, right now, right in the middle of the court, a little bit of how it goes - "The Tennessee Honey" song?

MCMAHAN: These are clean lyrics right here, "Cut off blue jeans, oh the cowboys really love that, they like it better with nothing but my cowgirl hat, they love it with the sweetie in the back row, there's nothing better than some country rows."

McMahan mother’s death in college was especially hard on her. She hopes to honor her memory with a new kind of music.

WILLIAMS: How did Pat Summitt enter into this and help you through [the death of your mother]?

MCMAHAN: "She was key; she was actually like a second mother. I don't think she really knew what was going on at home because she was busy too, but she let me keep my phone on the away trips so I could keep in contact with her. She let me stay at home and not my dorm room and stay with my mom, she was very lenient with me."

McMahan says she'll be touring this summer with a new album.

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