8 questions with James Davis

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT) -- James Davis is proud of his church, The Eternal Life Harvest Center.

Davis: "This is a place of restoration that no matter where you are, no matter what you;re like is going through, no matter what circumstances
has risen up against you, that you've come into an environment that can offer hope."

Pastor Davis is now sowing seeds for his community and church. It's a far cry from when he was hustling the streets of Mechanicsville.

WILLIAMS: "To get the funding, to get this building in Mechanicsville, this wasn't an easy task, you're a salesman too (laughs)."

DAVIS: "What happened, I really think that is a divine appointment as well. I believe where God gives vision he gives provision".

To say Davis has made an about face in his life is an understatement. .

DAVIS: "Remember when it was said you don't want to drive through
Mechanicsville as a community you didn't want to come through, that was at a time I was in this community as a child growing up."

WILLIAMS:"At 14 you sold weed, bootleg liquor,."

DAVIS: "Exactly, as a matter of fact this vacant lot we're coming up on is where I started at that age with my little bootlegging thing with weed"

Davis ran two nightclubs all at the age of 18. But it all came to a screeching halt one day.

WILLIAMS: "What got to you change, what got you out of that?"

DAVIS: "Growing up I thought I would have been a Muslim or something because of the impact I seen them have in the community. So I was, looking at TV at my grandmothers one day and a white brother comes on TV and he talks about the impact the Lord can make".

He says his conversion literally brought him to his knees. Instead of drugs and alcohol Davis now offers hope and salvation.

WILLIAMS:"Is this the original house you grew up in?"

DAVIS:" Exactly right here."

WILLIAMS:"is this where you got the name June Bug?

DAVIS:"Exactly, exactly I used to fly the June bugs on a string, the goal was, you fly it so long you let it rest cause its
tired, I would never let it rest."

It's that same passion that's taken flight in sharing the good news of the faith and family.

DAVIS:"No matter what you;re going through, no matter how far you are down, that God can take somebody's life that was messed up like mine and turn them around."

Pastor Davis says his Eternal Life Harvest Center gives at least $120,000 a year towards their outreach ministry in the community.

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