Ruth Graham: An Inspiration for Pastor's Wife

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Ruth Graham has been a role model for thousands of women over several decades.

But pastor's wives, have a special bond with her.

Volunteer TV’s Allison Hunt spoke to a local pastor's wife about Ruth Graham.

As many across the country are, folks at Grace Baptist Church are saddened by the passing of Ruth Graham.

But for 19-years at Grace Baptist Church, Becky Stewart says she is grateful she has had someone like Ruth Graham to look up to.

She says although her passing is a great loss, she has learned a great deal from her over the years.

"There'll never be another Billy and Ruth Graham,” and never a greater inspiration for Becky Stewart.

She's been a pastor's wife for almost 45 years and not a day goes by that she hasn't found Ruth Graham's life encouraging.

"I just thought her sweet, quiet, Christian witness that she has to everybody."

Becky and her husband, Pastor Ron Stewart, first learned the importance of a husband and wife relationship when they saw Billy and Ruth Graham at an evangelical conference several years ago.

"When he would talk about her, he always talked about her like she was the Queen."

Since then, Becky has read most of Ruth Graham's books.

In them she says Ruth is very honest about the difficulties of being a pastor's wife, which gives her hope.

"It helps you to know that, hey, I'm not alone in any kind of situation no matter what we may go through."

She also admires how Ruth shares her life to encourage others and teaches that families come first.

"I think being a Pastor's wife the most important thing is putting our husbands first just like she did, then our children and we have to keep that in perspective."

And that shouldn't be hard to do, since the spirit of Ruth Graham will live long after she's gone.

"You always have that image of what they are, who they are and how the Lord used them."

Becky and her husband say Billy and Ruth Graham have been a special part of their lives and will keep them both in their thoughts and prayers and hope you will do the same.