Ideas for Father's Day

(WVLT) - We hope you've made plans to spend some time with your dad this weekend, it's Father's Day afterall.

But if you don't know what to get dear old dad, don't worry.

We sent WVLT's Whitney Daniel to scout out some great gift ideas.

Anything that has to do with the grill is a hot item this year

But if you're looking a gift that's more unique than the standard tie or t-shirt, we found just the place.

"Sports stuff, so we're here looking at the Columbia stuff," said Stacey and Madison Berry say.

From Carhardts and candy, to camping gear and grills, the Mast General store has you covered for Father's Day.

"What dad wouldn't like to hang out in his backyard with kids, in a tent, over a campfire," says Jenni Bates, from Mast General Store.

"Hats, sports caps, UT mugs, posters, pretty much anything you need for the dad who's a Vol fan in your life," Bates says.

If he has a sweet tooth: sift through the 500 different types of candy.

They have some of the old-fashioned kind, like mary janes and squirrel nut zippers.

And, speaking of food...

"One of the big sellers this year, we've got this large cast iron grill," says Bates.

And it's not about how much money you spend.

Some fathers say it's the small, sentimental gifts that mean the most.

Thomas Jensen remembers a Clint Eastwood coffee mug.

"I've been living in fear that somebody would drop it and break it some day. But I drink coffee from it almost every day," Jensen says.

But, Jensen says it's not about the gifts, it's about the memories made through the years and being about to share those stories.

"Beyond not having them around and not hearing from them, I can't say that there is any bad gift," says Jensen.

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