Fishing With Dad For Fathers Day

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Dad's got the chance to bond with their family's out by the lake today too.

The City of Knoxville partnered with the TWRA and Gander Mountain to host a Fathers Day fishing event.

No fishing licenses were required to fish in the in the pond at Victor Ashe park and it was even was stocked for the special occasion.

"The Tennessee Wild Life Resources Agency was generous enough to donate 400 pounds of Catfish, there are also some Big Mouth Bass in there as well as some Blue Gill," said Kathleen Gibi, a public information specialist for the City of Knoxville. There is also a White Albino Catfish in there, and there is going to be a special prize for whoever catches him."

The event wraps up in a little under a half hour with several prizes expected to be handed out including one for the largest fish caught.

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