Fathers Day In East Tennessee

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Lake City (WVLT) -- Many started off this special day for Dads in church. We caught up with some of them who were celebrating both their earthly and heavenly father.

God is awesome," said Dick Householder who was among the church goers, "our father is awesome."

"It's just a day we give honor to whom honor's really do," said Pastor Tony McAfee.

Hundreds packed Pastor McAfee's Covenant Life Worship Center today to celebrate a big day for fathers, and the man upstairs.

"It has more of a spiritual meaning to me about my father in heaven," said Mark Gormley who celebrated his first fathers day today. "We Just had a little girl, Abby Grace, ten months ago, and it's a very special occasion for me."

According to Gormley, little Abigail is truly heaven-sent.

"The blessing of my daughter was just an extension of His love He has for me," Gormley said.

God's love is what Gormley says gets guys like himself through fatherhood.

"For us men, it may be more than we can handle, but with our heavenly father, all things are possible," he said.

Pastor McAfee had a few words this morning for the leaders of our homes.

"Is there anybody here thankful that there have been some lessons that your father has taught you that have stayed with you even to this day?" he asked. "It's always a challenging message geared toward fathers about being men of God, men of integrity, men of character."

There was also a lot of encouragement for those without a dad.

"Our heavenly father, he never leaves us or forsakes us," Pastor McAfee said.

Father and grandfather, Randy Dew, counts his blessings...

"I have three children and six grandchildren," Dew said. "I don't know what it'd be without them, it's just wonderful. Grandkids, they named them right, they're grand."

The best part about being a father for Gormley is simple.

"Just looking into her little eyes and hearing her call me daddy," he said.

After the church service, all of the dads received a Moonpie and an RC Cola drink.

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