Cops Break Global Pedophile Ring

Timothy Cox Alleged Ringleader

(WVLT) - Authorities have busted a global internet pedophile ring that has ties to Tennessee.

Investigators say the suspects met in an internet chat room called "Kids, the Light of Our Lives."

There, they exchanged images of babies and children being subjected to horrific sexual abuse.

The investigation began when police arrested 24 pedophiles in Canada last year.

Police followed links from there to another ring here in Tennessee.

And that finally led them to Timothy Cox in Britain, who they say was the ringmaster.

"This was about children who were being abused on camera with guys all over the world sending instructions do this do that, it was a very grim and gruesome business," says internet safety expert, John Carr.

After investigators arrested Cox, they impersonated him on his website, and were able to arrest 700 suspects in 35 countries.

They also rescued 31 children from abuse.

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