Brother of Standoff Suspect: He Needed Help

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Coalfield Community, Morgan County (WVLT) - A Morgan County man holed up in his home is found dead after a five hour police standoff overnight.

Sheriff's officials believe Jimmy Lively shot himself during the initial confrontation with police and had been dead during the standoff.

Lively's brother is upset the incident happened.

Not with police, but feels his brother needed mental help and just wasn't getting it.

Morgan County authorities say they got the call around 9:00 p.m. Monday that Jimmy Lively had set his truck on fire and barricaded himself inside his Coalfield community home.

When officers arrived they went to get him out of the home.

"When it was opened then he fired at the officers with his weapon. They did return fire, retreated." Sheriff Ledbetter says a SWAT Team was called in, but after hours of silence relatives say the house was tear gassed as officers went in.

"Found Mr. Lively inside, dead from what appeared to be a self inflicted gunshot wound,” Ledbetter says.

"The healthcare system did let us down. My family is devastated." Jimmy Lively's brother Doug says he doesn't fault police but feels his brother never got proper mental health treatment he needed.

He says doctors prescribed powerful painkillers following a four wheeler accident, became addicted, and then cried out for help.

Doug says Jimmy was released from mental health just hours before the standoff. "They get you up and then expect you to come off it in three days. Turn you out after you've done told them you don't want to live this way, you'd rather die."

Doug says his brother finding a gun wasn't a problem. "He had no criminal record, that he could just go buy one legally and pass and he was a mental patient."

Doug says he's trying to figure out how to go on. "I lost my friend and my only brother."

An autopsy is being done on Lively's body.

Doug Lively says he has no plans of going into the home except for family to remove items they wish to save.

He says the home will be bulldozed to the ground.

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