Body Of Missing Mother Found

Canton, Ohio (AP) - Investigators aren't saying much about the arrest of a Canton, Ohio police officer who faces two murder charges in connection with death of his pregnant girlfriend.

Officer Bobby Cutts Junior is to be arraigned Monday on two counts of murder, including murder of an unborn child.

A body believed to be that of Jessie Davis was found Saturday in neighboring Summit County. The Starks County Sheriff's Department would not give a location. Chief Deputy Rick Perez said the case is still being investigated. He would not comment on whether there were any other suspects.

An attorney for Davis' mother says the family has had a roller coaster ride of emotions and won't comment. He said they need to be together and alone so that they can grieve.

Before Bobby Cutts Junior became a Canton, Ohio police officer, he pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct in an incident an ex-girlfriend said left her worried about her safety.

Later, he nearly lost his badge when his higher-ups alleged he had given his gun to a drug-dealing cousin.

Police had said repeatedly that Cutts was not a suspect, but he'd told a local newspaper that he'd be "dumb and naive" to believe that. His home had been searched numerous times. And as suspicion fell on him, he stopped joining the searches.

The president of the Canton patrolman's union says Cutts, a night-shift officer, got along well with people and coached youth sports.

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