Corbin Joins Race For Fuel Plant

Corbin, Kentucky (WVLT) -- We've told you a lot about the push for more facilities to turn coal into liquid fuel.

Another Southeastern Kentucky town wants into the bidding

Corbin, Kentucky touches parts of Whitley, Knox and Laurel counties.

The town's Economic Director says Corbin's location is perfect for a new plant because of its easy access to I-75 and other forms of transportation.

"If you see those silos there, that is on the actual property of the U.S. Steel property," said Bruce Carpenter, Corbin's Director of Economic Development. "That was part of the old silos from the U.S. Steel plant and that property sits close to the tracks."

Coal to liquid fuel plants can cost hundreds of millions.

Carpenter says tax breaks likely will play a big role in who lands that plant.

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