CAC Delivers Fans, Air Conditions

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Hot doesn't begin to describe a day like today, especially if you're living without air-conditioning. But there are people doing just that at this very moment.

So we thought we'd do more than just a story. Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman took it a step further. So he’s delivering more than just a story about need, he is actually delivered an air-conditioner.

"She called and said how would you like an air-conditioner,” says Judy Holloway.

It's an early Christmas this year at Judy Holloway's home. "When I went and signed up for a fan down there Friday, I asked about an air-conditioner and she said they're going to be giving them out in July, but I didn't think it was going to be this quick."

But quick it was.

"Through the donation of Channel 8, we were able to install this brand new air-conditioner. She's going to get great relief from that,” says Cecelia Waters, director of CAC’s Energy and Housing Services.

Because Judy says her lungs struggle with the heat and humidity. "Many times I had to sit down because you know I get real weak. I get too hot, and I have to sit or I can't breathe, and this couldn't be a better time to get one."

Even with the air conditioning on, Cecelia still gets that warm feeling knowing Judy has a cool summer ahead.

Now we're not encouraging you to do exactly what we did today, but we would like your help.

And it's easy.

You can donate dollars, a fan or an air conditioner or all three.

Simply go to visit

If you're without a fan or air-conditioner, call CAC at 637-6700. The office opens at 8:00 a.m.

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