Human Bones Found, Body Believed Incinerated In Barrel

London, Laurel County KY (AP) -- A coroner says a number of bone fragments found in a metal barrel in the Lilly community of Southern Kentucky were human.

And Kentucky forensic anthropologist Dr. Emily Craig said a body had been incinerated in the barrel.

Laurel County Coroner Doug Bowling says a man and his daughter were hiking in the area Monday and became curious about the fragments and contacted the laurel county sheriff's department.

Bowling says he and Craig couldn't tell if the fragments were male or female, or what the manner of death was. Craig says there were multiple small bone fragments that were in such poor condition it may be difficult to determine if they belonged to a man or woman.

Craig says a body was incinerated in the barrel and the barrel contained multiple bullets.

She said the barrel was also full of bullet holes and believes someone may have been preparing to sink the barrel in water.

Officers found a burned pickup truck within about 40 feet of the barrel and it was being processed by authorities.

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