ORNL Picked for Biofuel Reseach

Oak Ridge, Anderson County (WVLT) - Tennessee is receiving national attention after being named a national hub for bio-energy.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory will receive $125 million over the next five years to establish and operate one of the US Department of Energy's new bio-energy research centers.

The center will focus on making biofuel production costs competitive on a national scale by the year 2012.

It is also expected to produce new jobs for Tennesseans and higher incomes for farmers.

"We are very well positioned in Tennessee to ride this wave both technologically with what's going on at UT and Oak Ridge and also just from the standpoint of the farm economy we're a great state for raising the kind of precursors,” says Governor Phil Bredesen.

Oak Ridge was selected out of 21 teams across the country to host one of three new bio-energy sciences center.

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