Firefighter Taken to the Hosptial After House Fire

(WVLT) - Firefighters are investigating a difficult house fire that damaged a home in North Knoxville and sent one firefighter to the hospital.

The fire started at about 3:00am at a home on Chicamauga Avenue.

Crews had reports of someone inside, but were not able to find anyone.

At one point, they thought the fire was out, but it flared back up again.

Assistant Chief Anthony Grande says crews then worked to extinguish flames that were hiding in difficult to reach places.

"It's probably the most difficult type of firefighting. They guys are having to bust through walls, open up walls, open up the ceiling, trying to find the hidden fire," says Grande.

One firefighter had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for dehydration.

Grande says because of the hot night and the extreme heat of the fire, they had to make sure every member of the crew was very hydrated.

"We're putting Gatorade and water in them as fast as we can, taking long breaks, doing the best we can to take care of them. But, on a hot day, or hot night, and hot fire it's just gonna be very warying on them," he says.

Grande also says the fire was very difficult to fight because of there is a large amount of garbage all over the house.

Right now, they do not know how the fire started.

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