Pilot Reduces E-85 Costs for BioFuels Day in Tennessee

Knoxville (WVLT) - Some good news for drivers who can fill up with E-85, the alternative environmentally friendly fuel that is said to strengthen the US economy by reducing its energy independence.

Pilot opened up the first pump in East Tennessee last month and Thursday they're making another big announcement.

All along officials have said that e-85 fuel wouldn't be much if any more expensive, Thursday, the prices are going to be way below what you find anywhere else, how does $1.85 sound?

For a few hours Thursday that is how much E-85 gasoline will cost you per gallon.

This is all in an effort to celebrate Thursday being the first ever "Biofuels Day", proclaimed by Governor Phil Bredesen. A day he says he hopes will get more people out pumping clean, homegrown, renewable biofuels.

The $1.85 a gallon, is only available from 4-7.

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