Campbell Deputies Conduct Drug Round Up

Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - The Campbell County Sheriff's Department has arrested more than a dozen suspected drug dealers.

The Sheriff's Department and county drug unit unsealed 14 of 16 indictments Thursday, and arrested the suspects listed on your screen.

The arrests were made all over the county, and the suspects are facing several charges.

Including possession of schedule two, three, and four controlled substances with intent for resale, and possession of marijuana with intent for resale.

Mark A. Wilson – Jacksboro
Billy Green – Newcomb
Travis M. Farmer – LaFollette
Jessica L. Lowe – Jacksboro
Kenneth R. Green – Jellico
Eddie Hamblen – Newcomb
Nicholas Humrick – LaFollette
Alvin L. Ledford – LaFollette
Dennis Blankenship – Newcomb
Travis Shelton – Jacksboro
Michael E. Ward – Caryville
Alvin C. Wallace – LaFollette
Glenn Edmonds – Heiskell
Monica Barnett – Jacksboro

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