Three Charged in Solway Double Murder

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Solway, Knox County (WVLT) - A family tragedy in Solway, a teenage girl's in juvenile custody, one of three charged in the murder of her father and stepmother. One of the other two is her boyfriend.

Deputies believe 21-year-old Andrew Bryan Mann was the triggerman. He faces two counts of first degree murder, along with his friend, 23-year-old Christopher Gordan Kirkland and 15-year-old Amanda McGhee.

Relatives tell WVLT Mann had been involved in a relationship with Amanda McGhee, and her father Terrence McGhee had talked to him at least once before to discourage it.

But deputies believe that the family had since learned that Amanda was pregnant, and Mann was the father.

And deputies say Friday, Mann shot Terrance McGhee in the head as he slept, then waited for Alisha McGhee to get home and killed her.

"When she arrived at her house around 5 o'clock, Mann forced her on the couch where he told he he was gonna kill her. She was shot twice as she ran for the kitchen to get away from Mr. Mann," Knox County Sheriff J.J. Jones says.

All three suspects are charged with two counts of first degree murder. Amanda is due in juvenile court Tuesday.

The pain is still fresh for Barry McGhee. He'll never see his father or his stepmother alive again.

He can't see his sister, she's one of three in custody charged with the killing.

As volunteer TV’s Stephen McLamb reports, family members believe the relationship between the two suspects sparked the violence.

There's no doubt in Barry’s mind that the boyfriend who he knows as Bryan Mann is responsible.

What he can't understand is how his sister, as police tell him, got mixed up in the crime and killed her own flesh and blood, and the only woman who he says has been a true mother to her.

"When he had Amanda, it changed his life,” Barry says.

The very daughter Terry McGhee raised now stands accused with 21-year-old Andrew Bryan Mann and 23-year-old Christopher Gordon Kirkland in killing him and his wife Alisa McGee at their Solway home.

Terry's son, Barry says trouble began when his 15-year-old sister secretly became romantically involved with the 21-year-old.

"We don't know how or where he came from in her life. We just don't know." But Barry says things got worse about a month ago when she ran away with Mann. "She was gone for a week and we were able to track her down and make some phone calls and they got her back."

Barry says his father warned Mann to stay away from his daughter and now his father and stepmother are dead.

He says he doesn't know how it got to this point. "Of letting somebody come in and murder my father and the best mother she's known. I don't understand."

Barry feels his sister was manipulated by Mann, but says he won't stop loving his sister. “She's 15 and things need to be forgiven because I can't grasp that she actually knew that this was going to happen."

Barry says he's attempted to see his sister but wasn't able to. He says he loves her and hopes to see her soon.

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