Judge: Teen Murder Suspect to be Held in Custody

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Knoxville (WVLT) -

Knox County Deputies say 21-year-old Andrew Bryan Mann is the triggerman.

He faces two counts of first degree murder, as does his friend, 23-year-old Christopher Gordan Kirkland.

Deputies say Kirkland knew about the crimes, but did nothing.

Deputies believe Mann shot 60-year-old Terrance McGhee last Friday, then returned to the home, waited for McGhee’s wife and killed her.

The third suspect in the murders, 15-year-old Amanda McGhee, is Terrance's daughter.

Just moments ago, McGhee appeared for the first time in juvenile court.

As 15-year old Amanda McGhee entered the courtroom, she looked as if the weight of the world was on her shoulders.

And it may well be.

Young McGhee is one in a trio charged with the murder of her father Terry Mcghee and her step-mother Alisha McGhee at their Solway home on Friday.

McGhee sniffled and sobbed as Judge Irwin read the first degree murder charges.

The judge said that due to the serious nature of the charges and lack of a custodian, Amanda McGhee will continue to be housed at the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center until trial.

A court appointed attorney will be provided but it is yet to be confirmed on just who will represent Amanda McGhee.

McGhee, who is pregnant with Mann’s child, is scheduled for a physical exam Wednesday.

Tonight at 5:30, more on her court appearance today.

Plus, we've learned more about the background of one of the suspects.

And we'll talk a little about what help there is out there in East Tennessee for young women in a similar position to Amanda.

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