One-on-One With Tim Hutchison, Part 2

Knoxville (WVLT) - Former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison has spent most of his life serving in law enforcement. Now, after 32 years he's now retired from the force.

But he doesn't leave without talking to Alan Williams one-on-one about some key aspects of his job. In part two of our interview, the former sheriff shares his problems with attorney herb Moncier, and what's next in his future.

Now retired, former Sheriff Tim Hutchison will no longer be walking these halls. Even though term limits changed all that, Hutchison admitted the defining moment came in May of 2006, when his friend, Keith Lyons died in a traffic accident.

"That was the third officer in the line of duty that we had lost while I was sheriff."

It also changed the man that had spent 31 years in law enforcement.

"I was ready to go and I would have done the job and would have worked very had at it, but my heart wasn't in it really. I was ready to go."

During his tenure as sheriff, Hutchison became a big force in the local Republican Party. To many observers his influence was so strong, he was viewed as untouchable.

But on the contrary, he says he hated the political games.

"You gauge me by my enemies, that’s the best compliment you can do. If you look at the majority of the people who don’t know very much about politics, they just believe a specific way. Most of those people supported me, it was a grassroots effort for people in the community that elected me not the politicians.”

Hutchison also collected a lot of political enemies and critics, none as strong and feisty as attorney Herb Moncier.

Filing numerous lawsuits on different fronts, even petitioning to block Hutchison from receiving an $80,000 pension, Hutchison says he's weathered even that.

"Again, I have to turn that over to the Lord. I’m not going to worry about that. If I sat and worried about that bunch have, in my opinion, abused the court process and abused the law license to continue to harass me. I don’t worry about that."

He also gets right to the point in describing his nemesis.

“I truly feel sorry for Herb Moncier and he’s the most miserable human being I have ever met,” Hutchison says. “The only joy and pleasure he gets in life is trying to make other people miserable."

Though retired, but not retired from life, Hutchison is a licensed contractor, and part owner of an oak ridge car dealership.

And as far as getting back into the public spotlight. It seems clear, it's a possibility.

"I don’t know if and when I’ll get back into public service work, but it does fit me."

A run for county mayor is the most frequent question, but after asking him point blank three different times, he wouldn't commit. He did say there's a good chance you'll be seeing him somewhere in the public eye again in three years.

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