TVA Urges Energy Conservation, Drought Drives Fuel Charge

Knoxville (AP) -- Entering the hottest months of the year, TVA is urging its consumers to bump up the thermostats, switch off extra lights and turn down their water heaters.

The federal utility is running a $596,000 ad campaign over the next two months throughout its seven-state service area.

The ad blitz could save consumers a few dollars a month and TVA potentially millions.

Agency spokesman John Moulton said the campaign could pay for itself in a week's time if consumers heed the message and limit TVA's peak power demand this summer by one-half percent.

TVA set 16 peak power demand records last year during the July, August and September period and spent $1 billion buying power from others to meet the load.

The federal utility has 8.7 million consumers.

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