7/7/07 Weddings

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Today will most-likely be the most popular wedding day in history, all because of the date 7/7/07.

About 38,000 couples will tie the knot nationwide with more than a thousand here in East Tennessee alone.

We caught up with a bride and groom on today on the Tennessee Riverboat

"I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Haun!," said the wedding official.

Mark and Michelle Haun chose today's wedding date not necessarily because it's supposed to be extra lucky.

"We've been together seven years and seven months," Mark said.

"Seven years, seven months, everything just fit together perfectly with the theme of sevens," said Michelle, the newlywed.

Michelle and Mark had another theme for their wedding, orange and white.

"We are big football fans, hoping the 7-7-7 helps the football team have a bit more luck."

Michelle graduated from UT and couldn't wait to tie the knot in front of Neyland Stadium.

"It's very special," the bride said, "It's great."

Riverboat Wedding Director Donna Jordan says the Haun's are lucky they got this lucky date...

"We had a lot of bookings going on," Jordan said, "a lot of people calling in January and February. We had to end up turning people down because we had so many people call."

The number of registered weddings across the country more than tripled today.

"I think it's just the fact that everybody thinks that 7-7-7 or the number seven is a lucky number," Jordan said.

Not to mention the face that it's a pretty easy anniversary date to remember.

The Newlyweds say while the date is symbolic, it's not what their marriage is based on.

"Luck's not needed when you love each other," Mark said.

His new bride agreed.

"It feels great to be married to the person that you love," Michelle said, "that's all that matters."

The most popular time to wed is 7:00 tonight.

While 7/7/07 will never come around again in our lifetime, couples can still look forward 8/8/08 next year.

It falls on a Friday and eights are considered good luck in the Chinese culture.

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