Friends Grieve Over Loss of Ramsey and Peggie

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Friends and neighbors are grieving the loss of the well known couple throughout Knoxville.

Nearly a thousand Christian-Arabs living in Knoxville are in some way related to Ramsey Harb.

Family members tell us Ramsey and his wife Margaret, known as Peggy, devoted themselves to each other, their family, their church and their city.

"Very nice people, you couldn't ask for any better friends," said George Newman, a friend of the Harb's.

George says Ramsey and Peggy were like family to him for more than thirty years.

"Through our kids, my son and his son, they went here at the Boyscout troop together when they were small kids," George said, "and we've become good friends here at the church."

Ramsey, 71, was supposed to carry the cross as an acolyte this morning at St. John's Cathedral Episcopalian Church in downtown Knoxville.

"They were totally church people," George said. "They were here all the time, everyday almost."

The Harb's were retired, but once worked very hard at their family carpet store.

"Harb's Rugs" has seen several generations of the family work inside its Broadway showroom, going all the way back to 1926.

"They were just a very loving couple," George said, "They had nothing bad to say about anybody."

Ramsey spoke with us back in 1999 about the homeless population surrounding his store.

"They're not violent," he said. "You talk to them, they're very nice people, but it scares people."

Ann Rajaiah lives right next door to the Harb's in South Knox County.

"I've been here two years and saw her almost on a daily basis, Ms. Harb and also Terri," Ann said.

She told us she was outside in her yard last night when Ramsey and Margaret were shot.

"It's tragic, they were just the best neighbors that anyone could ever have," Ann said. "It'll be lonely without them."

Ann says Margaret, 66, often confided in her.

"She told me that he had threatened them," Ann said.

While she still holds onto uneasy feelings, Rajaiah rests assured knowing that Kevin Storr can't hurt anyone else.

"I didn't sleep last night, but I know that it's not going to happen again because he's gone," Ann said.

Neighbors say the Rolling Hills Subdivision will never be the same.

"We'll miss you so much. We will really miss you," Ann said.

The Harb's were happily married for 45 years.

Their daughter, Teresa, and two grandchildren lived with them for about a month.

The grandchildren were with a family member in Maryville at the time of the shooting.

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