Blount Woman: Dogs Killed Newborn Colt

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WARNING: The pictures used in this story are graphic.

Tallassee, Blount County (WVLT) - Deborah Lowry says her newborn colt never had a chance, just a few hours old, it was brutally attacked by dogs, dogs she says that are terrorizing her neighborhood.

Volunteer TV’s Stephen McLamb has more on her warning to other neighbors.

It's been a week since Deborah Lowery's colt was killed by the dogs and attempts to catch them have failed, even shooting one of the animals.

She's now concerned a child could be the dogs’ next meal.

Deborah Lowery was looking forward to a new addition at her family farm in Tallassee. But just hours after her horse had a colt last Monday morning, she was shocked by what she saw. "We looked out the window about 6:15 and two Rottweillers had the colt down on the ground, one on each side."

So she rushed outside to get the dogs away and was horrified at what she saw. "They ripped her throat out. They ripped her abdominal cavity out. They ripped her back."

The young colt died.

Tony Green, who lives nearby, has been cited for dog at large.

But getting the dogs that did it has been a problem.

Lowery says the dogs have kept coming back as late as Friday attacking her donkey, "Didn't do a lot of damage to her just some scratches to her face because she fought back."

"It's been going on before then. There's several dogs running loose through the neighborhood, terrorizing animals and people too,” says Blount County Animal Control Officer Josh Everett.

The county's animal control officer says it's been a problem trying to catch the dogs. "Just go out there and try to catch them, set traps and wait on them."

"They shot the dog in the neck with a .22 but it did not kill it. The dogs are still roaming loose,” but until they're caught, Lowery says her neighborhood is not safe. "I would like to see the dogs put down because if they will attack my animals they will attack a child."

Green is due in court July 20th.

Lowery says they've received a lot of calls from the community who want to help.

She says with the threat still out there she's taking one person up on their offer to give her animals a safe place to go. She hopes to begin moving her animals Monday night.

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