South Knox Double Murder: “They Were Saints”

Knoxville (WVLT) - A community in South Knox County is trying to work through the tragedy of a double murder-suicide.

Saturday night, Knox County Sheriff's Deputies found Ramsey Harb and his wife Margaret shot to death in the rolling hills subdivision.

Authorities say their former son-in-law, Kevin Storr, was the one who pulled the trigger.

Storr was married to the Harbs' daughter, Teresa, for 15 years before they separated earlier this year.

Investigators say Storr was upset about the divorce and blamed his in-laws.

We're learning more about the victims, long-time business people, Ramsey and Peggy Harb, and the love they spread all over our community.

Volunteer TV’s Stacy McCloud spent the morning with the Harb’s church family who says there are no words to describe the kind of people our community has lost.

"So many people loved them. They just did so much,” says Catharine White, a Close friend of the Harbs.

From the quiet South Knoxville neighborhood where Ramsey and Peggy Harb spent most their life, to a stretch of Broadway where a business still operates and bears the family name, and on down the road where they spent every Sunday in worship, you don't have to search far to find an abundance of kind words about a couple Catharine White describes rather simply. "They were saints."

Although it was 49 years ago, the Harbs made such an impact on her life, she recalls the exact moment they met. "Ramsey was out at the steps greeting me when I first came to church with my children, that first day and we've been friends ever since"

More than friends, even more than brothers and sisters in Christ, white says the Harbs were family. "We told everybody he was my little brother, cause we both have the dark skin and their children always called me Aunt Catherine"

As leaders of the church, it's a kind of bond the Harbs shared with most members.

"We have an organization called the Gray Hairs and Peggy and Ramsey were the Gray Hairs, they pretty much started it"

Making sense out of what happened is something no one here will ever be able to do.

Getting angry and questioning why, they won't do that either. "They absolutely would not want us to be asking why. They would just want us to go on"

So with broken hearts that, they will do. Because they know their goodness lives on.

"The peace that they always stood for, they now have and that is what makes this special, knowing they are there."

The Harb family will receive friends at Saint John's Episcopal Cathedral Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Services will be Wednesday morning at 10:30, also at St. John's.

The family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to Saint John's in memory of the Harbs.

Audio tapes of the 911 call placed by Teresa were made available to the media Monday. However, it was the editorial judgment of WVLT that the tapes offered little-to-no informational value to the reporting of this tragic story except to accentuate the human suffering that was endured. Therefore, the tapes won't be played on our station at this time.

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