Seasonal infections, flu continue in East Tenn.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Multiple viruses and infections are going around right now, that could leave your family under the weather.

From two strains of the flu to stomach bugs, and respiratory problems, there is plenty you may have to deal with now, and will continue to make your family sick.

Dr. Vaughan D. Hall, family medicine, says the flu season has quieted down, but is not silent.

Dr. Hall says, "We see peaks and valleys. Right now, we're in the midst of a little small peak. Not nearly what we were seeing before, but we're seeing a few cases now."

The CDC's weekly flu report shows a steady pace of flu cases in the U.S. for a couple of months.

The latest report, through the first week of February, shows a little more than 200 cases.

Which is a dramatic difference from late October, with nearly 12,000 cases nation wide.

Dr. Hall says, "The CDC is telling us we may be able to expect, for the next couple of years, to see peaks and valleys."

While waiting to see her doctor, Maricel hopes her son is now immune, after two cases of flu, especially after the most recent time. She says, "That one was worse. I think that was the H1N1, even though at that point in time, they weren't identifying, they weren't telling you if it was or wasn't."

Dr. Hall says, "A lot of times people come in and say, 'Do I have the swine flu?' Well maybe, it really doesn't matter what name you give it, it's the flu. You treat the flu."

This time of year, other things can send you to your doctor, "We're seeing a lot of gastrointestinal virus right now. A lot of people coming in dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea and having to have IV fluids," says Dr. Hall.

Not everything can be treated, "Viral infections, antibiotics don't help," says Dr. Hall.

Maricel says, "I go ahead and I call, and then based on that, because they usually know what stuff is going around, and they'll have me come in."

But, when Maricel's son is sick, she tries to focus on keeping him home. Ignoring the thoughts of, "I have to go to work, or I don't want him to miss school," and she sticks to making him better.

Dr. Hall says, with flu cases expected to continue, including H1N1 for possibly two years, he recommends everyone get their vaccinations.

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