Jefferson County Deputies Nab Suspected Purse Snatcher

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Dandridge, Jefferson County (WVLT) – A man Knox County deputies say stole a woman's purse in Powell Tuesday is under arrest in Jefferson County.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt has been following the story and has more.

After a chase and a confrontation, Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a man who they say robbed an elderly woman at a Food City off west Emory Road Tuesday.

Raymond Raiford is charged in Knox and Jefferson Counties, and that's a huge relief for Mary Frazier, the woman who still has bruises from the incident.

"We're definitely pleased and elated that he's been caught," Frazier's husband Lillard Frazier said.

Raymond Raiford is charged in Knox County with aggravated robbery after police say he stole Mary Frazier's purse from inside a Food City in Powell Tuesday.

Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies spotted Raiford in Dandridge around 5 p.m. Thursday. He's charged there with aggravated assault, driving with revoked license, felony evading and resisting arrest and criminal impersonation.

"When they confronted him, he ended up assaulting one of the officers and attempted to give a false name and then left on a motorcycle," Jefferson County Sergeant Phillip Davis said.

Officers say a 45 minute chase took them into Cocke County and then back into Jefferson County where he was arrested in White Pine.

"He finally went into about a 40 acre field where he was apprehended after his motorcycle became disabled, and he was tazed and apprehended," Davis said.

Great news for the Fraziers. Mary's husband Lillard says she's doing better, but the pain is still there.

"Her shoulder's still sore, and she's got bruises she didn't know she had because he done a mop up job with her," Frazier said.

But now the fear he may strike again is gone.

"You feel great relief that he's been caught because you never know where he's going to show up again," Frazier said.

The Frazier's are grateful that detectives worked so hard getting surveillance video out to the public.

"When things do happen and people work together and bring things together for a good ending for the community, I think that's a good feeling," Frazier said.

Raiford will be transported to Knox County. The motorcycle he fled on has been impounded.

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