Prosecutor Wants to Try Teen as Adult for Parent's Murder

Knoxville (WVLT) - The prosecutor in the case against the 15-year-old accused of murdering her parents says she plans to try the girl as an adult.

Prosecutor Debbie Malone told Judge Tim Irwin that the state plans to file transfer motion to try 15-year-old Amanda McGhee as an adult for the murder of her parents Terrance and Alisa McGhee.

During McGhee’s detention hearing, the question of guardianship was addressed by the court. The judge asked if any member of McGhee’s family would be willing to accept guardianship. All refused, so the judge named the Tennessee Department of Child Services as her legal guardian.

Judge Irwin also named attorney Michael Fortune as McGhee’s guardian ad litem, to represent her best interests during the trial.

During the hearing, McGhee’s trial attorney Susan Shipley requested that no one from DCS, the guardian ad litem or any visitors be allowed to interview McGhee without Shipley being present. The judge agreed with that request as well as the request for a copy of the statement McGhee made when she was arrested.

Judge Irwin has scheduled the trial to begin August third. McGhee faces two counts of first degree murder.

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