Authorities plan to deport undocumented construction workers

Logan, W.Va. (AP) -- Federal authorities plan to deport seven suspected illegal immigrants caught working on a construction project run by a Nashville-based contractor.

The men were taken into custody Tuesday at Logan Regional Medical Center in West Virginia. The hospital says the men were working for a contractor hired for minor renovation work.

U-S Citizenship and Immigration Services spokeswoman Ernestine Fobbs says the men are in custody awaiting deportation.

Meanwhile, Nashville-based contractor Batten and Shaw says a drywall firm hired for the job was responsible for verifying the men were working legally.

Nashville subcontractor Rocklyn-Thomas says it thought the men were working legally.

Rocklyn-Thomas owner Rocky Sizemore says the situation came to light because people in Logan don't want Mexican workers. He says if it weren't for migrant workers, there'd be no construction in the U-S.

State Division of Labor officials say out-of-state construction companies using undocumented workers are a big concern.

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