Angel Food Open To All

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Kodak (WVLT) -- Discount groceries are being dished out with God's love, and a Sevier County Church says you can get some too.

French Broad Valley Baptist Church participates in the nationwide Angel Food ministries program.

Angel Food offers anyone the same food you find at your grocery, at a much lower price.

Mary Sutton thinks it's a bargain and a blessing.

"When someone doesn't get food stamps and my husband's not hardly able to work," said Sutton who placed an order today.

It's also the only way she can afford her favorite foods.

"That's what I love is T-Bone steak," Sutton said, "I love pork chops too!"

She's been able to enjoy them thanks to the French Broad Valley Baptist Church in Kodak.

"Who doesn't need help with groceries?, asked Janet Arons, the projects co-coordinator. "It's a good mission project."

Since October, the church has worked with the nationwide non-profit group Angel Food Ministries.

The charity already provides discounted groceries to more than a half-million families.

"You can get anywhere from 50-75 dollars to 100 dollars worth of groceries fro 25 dollars in your regular box," Arons said, "and then you've got your meat specials for 18 dollars."

After today's monthly order deadline, co-coordinator Janet Arons expects a stack of 50-75 envelops on the table.

Each one belonging to an East Tennessee family ready to save some money.

"There's no income guidelines on this," Arons said, "you could earn a million dollars a year and still be eligible to buy the groceries."

But receipts also get families a side order of God.

"They're getting a box of Christ's love," Arons said.

And as for the reminder.

"God with not leave them," said Pam Zarzecki, project coordinator, "no matter what."

As Sutton finishes up her order she realizes it's combination of food for the body and spirit, something that will bring her back next month.

"I just appreciate it and thank the lord," Sutton said.

Today was the last day to place your order for this month.

You can pick that up in two weeks on the 28th.

The next round of orders will begin on August 3rd.

If you have questions or want to participate you call the program's coordinator Pam Zarzecki at 865-654-0368.

And for more information, click on the link below.

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