Mopar Madness At Chilhowee Park

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- A large group of faithful Chrysler fans invaded Knoxville for a day of muscle cars.

The 19th Annual Fun in the Sun Mopar show brought hundreds of classic cars to Chilhowee Park.

Each year the event draws cars from all over the south, competing for various prizes.

According to one participant, people come to show to remember how cars use to be made.

"It's the nostalgia of the old muscle cars that come up in our era," said Terry Laughlin, a South Carolinian who brought his car to the event. "A lot of times the 1973-1974 muscle cars were fazed out because of gas economy and everything started going to unleaded gas."

Terry bought his 1969 Plymouth GTX the day he returned home from Vietnam.

Though the event wrapped up around six, but you will likely see the cars around town for the rest of the weekend.

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