Former UT president pursues $1.7M claim against state

KNOXVILLE (AP) -- Former University of Tennessee president John Shumaker continues to pursue a claim against the state for as much as $1.7 million.

Shumaker's Nashville lawyer, Dan Warlick, wants to depose Governor Bredesen as a key witness.

His lawsuit claims he was promised a severance pay package.

Shumaker was forced to resign four years ago because of his lavish spending.

The case is set to be heard in December by East Tennessee claims commissioner William Shults.

Shumaker, recruited from the University of Louisville, was president of UT for only 18 months. He resigned in 2003 after a series of disclosures about his personal spending and travel at taxpayer expense. He remodeled the president's house for $500,000, spent $4,800 on an outdoor grill and awarded a $300,000 no-bid contract to a friend.

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