Fatal DUI Crash Suspect Appears in Court

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Williamsburg, Whitley County (WVLT) - An Anderson County man accused of causing a fatal accident on Interstate 75 in southeast Kentucky appeared in court Monday morning.

Raymond Garner was only before the judge for a few minutes, instead of hearing testimony, Garner's lawyer decided to go ahead and wait for the grand jury to decide the next step in Garner's fate.

Handcuffed and escorted by four police officers, Raymond Garner headed back to jail Monday afternoon where the judge ordered him to stay in lieu of a five million dollars cash bond.

Garner faces three counts of murder for the accident three weeks ago Monday.

Police say Garner was drunk when his pickup crossed from the northbound lanes of I-75 into the southbound lanes, slamming into three cars, killing an eight year old boy and a pregnant woman.

And Garner is accused of killing three people, but his attorney questions whether murder is the right charge.

Along the same lines, there is also the question as to whether Garner should be charged with murder or fetal homicide, because a pregnant woman was killed.

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