Fire on UT Campus

Knoxville (WVLT) - A few UT students are without a home for the next couple days after a fire swept through their attic.

Knoxville firefighters were called to a house fire on Andy Holt Avenue on the UT Campus Tuesday evening.

The students in the home didn't even know their house was on fire until a person who happened to be going by saw smoke coming out of their roof.

After about five minutes, the fire was contained to the attic and put out.

"The smoke detectors did not go off, but that would be understandable since the fire was all in the attic above them so naturally there was no smoke that got down into the living section of the house," Captain Darrell Whitaker said.

All the students all got out safely and should be able to return in a few days. The cause is still under investigation.

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