DOE Credits Security for Stopping Secrets Theft

Oak Ridge, Anderson County (WVLT) - After declining comment for most of the day, the Department of Energy just made their first public statement.

The DOE says Roy Oakley was a former contractor through Bechtel Jacobs, who had been working at Oak Ridge's East Tennessee Technology Park.

That’s the former K-25 plant.

Bechtel Jacobs is overseeing the decontamination and decommissioning of the buildings that were last used in 1985.

The manager of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Site Office, Gerald Boyd says ETTP and the entire Oak Ridge reservation are protected by multiple layers of security systems, both visible and unseen, meant to identify rogue employees attempting to abuse their access and position.

"In this case, our layered approach successfully identified the individual in question, and because of the close coordination between the FBI and Dept. of Energy's Office of Counterintelligence, the FBI successfully interrupted the accused individual's apparent intentions,” says Boyd says.

The DOE says they reviewed their high-risk security procedures after they were notified of the situation and Boyd says everything worked.

The DOE stresses the materials in question, were never actually transferred to a foreign government or terrorist organization and at no time was there any risk to health or safety of the public.

And one last note, the DOE wants to stress the employee did not work at Oak Ridge National Lab. That information was reported by the national media and some local media, but never by Volunteer TV News.

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