Community Wants Sound Barriers

The Tallahassee I-10 soundwall will look similar to this one in Tampa.
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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Some West Knoxville residents living right next to I-40 say it's time for a sound barrier to go up in their community.

There is a beautiful scenic view on Renford and Forest View Roads, but there's just one problem, its loud.

Many neighbors there have to listen to the constant sound of big rigs and the thousands of other vehicles that travel through I-40 daily, practically in their backyard.

"It's very loud over here, especially on this side," said Dwayne Gideon, who lives near the noise. "You can't here anything. If somebody's in the backyard and they yell for you back there, you can't hear them."

Gideon says the interstate noise has been non-stop since he moved here with his family.

"I thought we could stand it," Gideon said, "but it's been a year and four months and it really makes you tired."

You can hear how loud it is right next to the interstate, but if you step away a few hundred feet, the noise does not get much quieter.

"I hate it," said Pat who also lives in the community. "You hear it all of the time. My brother will say Pat, think it's the ocean. I say, well, the oceans I've been to just don't sound like that."

Neighbor Pat says she grew up here in peace and quiet, before I-40 even existed.

"My grandfather bought this property in the 1900's," Pat said, "so of course he had no idea, this was all county and country."

Now Pat says she can't wait to get back to the quiet country.

"It's one of those things you look forward to for retirement," pat said. "I'm going to be able to leave this place and not hear this noise."

Neighbors like Gideon say TDOT needs to help hide the noise.

"If they would build some kind of sound barrier, that would really be great, "Gideon said. "Anything, if it'd cut it down fifty percent."

We talked to a TDOT official who told us the community on Renford and Forest View Roads does not meet the requirements to have a sound barrier built.

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