Knoxville VW Expo

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Bugs, buses and beer

All three were in style this weekend as hundreds gathered at Chilhowee Park for the Second Annual Knoxville VW Expo.

These day's the German auto maker is all about chic style.

That may be the reason the event is put on each year by the Appalachian Volkswagen Association, to help people remember the good old days of rear mounted engines and split windshields.

"It keeps everybody interested," said Tim, who came down from Owensboro, Kentucky to show off his 1940's Beetle. "I mean, you get guys that have the new cars and you get the guys that get the old cars. People that have never bought one come and look, and say I have got to have one of these."

The VW Expo featured a beer garden, free car wash area, and appearances from several models from the Microbus to the Passat.

But when all is said and done, those who brought their cars will be the first to tell you that the event gives them a chance to swap stories, and even trade parts.

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