Governor Not Taking Pay Raise

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Governor Bredesen isn't taking a $5,000 pay raise.

The issue is nearly academic because Bredesen returns all of his salary to the state and has since taking office.

The Legislature passed a law in the last session which mandates the Governor be paid the same salary as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. A separate law requires state judges to receive annual pay increases based on the Consumer Price Index.

Under that law, Chief Justice William Barker's salary of $155,000 increased to nearly $160,000 on July first.

But the Governor's legal counsel cites a provision of state law that says a governor's salary shall not be increased or diminished during his term of office.

Bredesen's attorney Steve Elkins says the governor doesn't intend to file suit to clarify the issue.

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