Former Ragsdale Assistant Submits Resignation

Knoxville (WVLT) - Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale's former executive assistant Margie Loyd has submitted her resignation.

According to a spokesman for the Knox County Mayor’s Office, Loyd’s resignation is effective August 26th. Loyd will be on medical leave until then.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Loyd along with Human Resources Director Doctor Frances Fogerson, Mister Ragsdale and Compliance Coordinator Pat Carson met, at which time she was placed on medical leave for unspecified reasons.

Early this month Loyd was transferred from Mayor Ragsdale's office to the Community Services Division. The transfer came as officials began an investigation into alleged misuse of purchasing cards by county employees.

Loyd is the third senior staff member of the mayor’s office to resign amidst the investigation.

Senior Finance Director John Werner resigned on July 13th and Community Services Executive Assistant Requitta Bone resigned on July third.

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