Delivery Day For Angel Food Ministries

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Kodak (WVLT) -- Shoppers call it God's grocery.

Besides being a huge bargain, they say it dishes out food for the soul.

All this morning, customers picked up their "Soul Food" from a Sevier County Church that participates in the nationwide Angel Food program.

It offers anyone the same food you find at grocery for a much less.

Volunteers gathered early at French Broad Valley Baptist Church in Kodak, and box after box, they sorted the food that's a bargain and a blessing.

"It's a helping hand instead of just a box of food, said Bryan Hall, a single father. "It means a lot."

For Hall, each box opened, holds food for his two teens that he may not be able to afford at the store.

"You may spend 50 dollars on groceries and get little to nothing but with this, you know exactly what you're getting every month," he said.

The blessing in a box is all thanks to the French Broad Valley Baptist Church in Kodak.

For ten months the various food's come to the table from Angel Food Ministries, a nationwide program that provides groceries to participating churches for distribution.

"Our regular box is twenty-five dollars and it includes anywhere from fifty to one hundred dollars worth of groceries," said Janet Arons, the projects co-coordinator at French Broad Valley.

Each box is built in assembly line fashion.

The goodies inside change each month but the food for the soul stays the same.

"Everybody needs a blessing from God regardless of who they are or where they are," said Arons. "Everybody needs help."

Help you can get, no matter how much money you make.

Volunteers filled 40 empty boxes with food today, and they said they're ready for more.

"We would love to fill hundreds and hundreds of boxes," Arons said.

"Because I just love doing it. I put others before me." said Jessica Porter, a volunteer.

So do shoppers like Elizabeth Woodin, who picked up a box for her daughter's family.

"It's a tremendous help to them because of being under financial stress," Woodin said.

After he is all packed up. Bryan Hall knows he will be back next month.

"Thank God for everything they do for everybody," He said.

Several other churches throughout East Tennessee also participate in Angel Food ministries.

The next order date is Friday, August 3rd.

If you miss it you can also order from French Broad Valley on August 7th, 9th, and 11.

If you have questions, or want to participate you can call the program's coordinator Pam Zarzecki at 865-654-0368.

Otherwise you can click on the link below.

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