East Tennessee Horse Unofficially World's Tallest

Niota (WVLT) -- The world now has a new tallest horse, and she hails from East Tennessee.

You've seen Tina on the Tennessee Traveler, and now we know exactly how large the English Shire is.

"The tallest horse right now was Radar who is owned by the Priefert's Corporation in Mt. Juliet, Texas," said Jessica Barnette, Tina's trainer. "He stood at 19.3 hands and 3/4's. Tina was a full twenty hands."
In case you are wondering, Tina eats a bale of hay each day, and she can go through a 50 lb. bag of horse food in just two.

According to Barnette, at three years old, she isn't even done growing.

The measuring was videotaped, and will be sent to Guinness for verification.

It will take a few weeks for Tina to officially become the world's tallest.

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