New Search for Missing Scott Co Woman Comes Up Empty

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Buffalo, Scott County (WVLT) – There are still no new clues, and no new answers in the case of a missing Scott County woman.

Sixty-six-year-old Jean Johnson has been missing since February.

And an all day search of a small Scott County lake by a specialized team, didn't help solve the mystery.

As Volunteer TV’s Jim Freeman reports live from Scott County, Johnson's family is wondering where to look next.

It's been a challenging day here in the Buffalo area of Scott County, with the heat and the humidity, mud and terrain.

But Jean Johnson's family continues its mission.

When you are missing a loved one you will search anyone and anywhere.

"Until you wear those shoes you don't understand the feeling the nightmare that it is when someone is missing and you don't know where they're at and you look and look and look."

Tuesday's look took Jean Johnson’s family and search crew here to a remote area of Scott County where travel was limited to four wheelers and four wheel drives.

"We have been out we've drove a lot of miles we've looked over roads and maintenance- down river banks."

But a search took us a country mile back to the Buffalo Creek Round Hole.

"For some reason and I don't know why, it is but I have felt her here and I have been here. If she is in there we will find her."

But it was not meant to be, not here, after about three hours of sonar scanning, and what was supposed to be a good lead.

"We had a good lead that this pond, way down in the wilderness here was a real good bet that she might be here."

For jean Johnson’s three children, this is simply not a search, this has become a way of life.

"We've lived and breathed and ate and slept, you know, searching for her."

And for the closure, that they hope will come, when Jean’s body is found. Until then, the search goes on.

"I have felt her here, and I haven't been able to let go of this place until we've got it searched out."

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