Volunteer Saves Woman's Life

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Maryville, Blount County (WVLT) - A routine house call to deliver a free meal may have saved an elderly Blount County woman's life.

While working for Mobile Meals on Wheels, Larry Fielder found one woman who had fallen and couldn't get up on her own.

In seconds, he sprang into action.

Blount County Bureau Chief Stephen McLamb has the story.

Thankful for the Meals on Wheels volunteers who brought his mother lunch, Larry Fielder found himself in a life-saving situation after the 99-year-old woman he delivers to needed more than just lunch.

Volunteering for Blount County's Mobile Meals On Wheels can be very rewarding, Fielder says.

"I don't get to stay long but I do get to deliver their meals and give them something to eat and they also get to talk to somebody for a short while."

But for Fielder, last Friday was different.

He delivered a meal to a 99-year-old woman on Sevierville Road and heard her call for help. "She had slipped and fallen. She was down and she was complaining of a leg, hip, and rib injury and I thought maybe she had broken something."

So he called his supervisor who feared the worst. "Well, I could just see broken bones and blood and everything else,” says Monty Arnold.

So following procedure, they contacted the woman's nephew, but it was Larry Fielder who stood by the woman's side until help arrived.

“Kinda helped the lady by offering her pillows or water to drink or just giving her some assurance that she was going to be ok,” Fielder says.

Turns out, the elderly woman is going to be fine. She says she doesn't have any broken bones but still hurts.

Arnold says the program provides more than meals, it helps give families comfort that someone else is looking after their loved ones.

Fielder says he was glad to help, but just has a small problem with the word hero. "Well, I'm not the hero. All I did was my job and I called Monty and she took care of the rest."

Arnold disagrees, "He doesn't take any credit he's not a hero and that sort of thing but in my mind he was a hero."

The family of the woman has asked her name remain anonymous.

They say they do check on her often, but are thankful that Fielder had come soon after she had fallen and are grateful for his help.

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