Police Union Boss Discusses Recent Deputy Arrests

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Knoxville (WVLT) - New details about the careers of a Knox County corrections officer and a deputy facing termination on two separate cases.

As we first reported Monday, corrections officer, 37-year-old Tommy Newman, is charged with criminal solicitation to commit first degree murder.

He was nabbed in a sting on Saturday where authorities accuse him of trying to hire a hit man to kill his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend.

A Knox County deputy is also facing charges and termination after deputies say he filled up his sheriff's cruiser and then a gas can.

Officer Frank Wolfe is charged with misdemeanor theft.

Volunteer TV’s Kim Bedford is looking closely look at both men's personnel files.

We spoke with FOP President Stan McCroskey to see what he had to say about Newman and Wolfe’s actions.

"I like to think we hold ourselves to a little higher standard than the average people out here,” McCroskey says he doesn't know Corrections Officer Tommy Newman, but was floored when he found out what the 37-year-old is accused of. "I think it's unconceivable. He's not a member of the FOP, but he is a member of law enforcement."

McCroskey says the negativity of Newman's actions doesn't stop with him.

"It's like the old saying, one bad apple ruins the barrel,” McCroskey says. "It sheds a bad light on all law enforcement."

Newman's personnel file was full of compliments and good behavior, such as "...consistently uses sound judgment to arrive to proper actions and conclusions."..."Eagerly follows the rules and regulations in the performance of his duties."..."...respectful when dealing with supervisors, peers, and subordinates. He avoids involvement in internal conflict."

"I'm just taken aback by it,” says the FOP president.

McCroskey says he knew Sheriff's Deputy Frank Wolfe very well. "He was a great guy. I thought he was a good officer."

Wolfe admitted to stealing less than ten dollars of gas with a gas can.

"That's something we know better than to do," McCroskey says. "We charge thieves all the time for theft."

Wolfe also has a very clean record, some comments in his personnel file include: "Frank's dependability was never questioned."..."Frank is a very good team player and strives to motivate."..."Frank takes pride in his work and works hard to make sure it's done right."

"It can happen to anyone,” McCroskey says this should be a lesson for all law enforcement, "We would hope nothing like this happens again."

Sheriff Jones wrote a letter to Newman and Wolf, saying under a merit council rule, their employment will be terminated, effective August 9th.

According to the rule, both men have three days to submit a written explanation about the termination; otherwise they'll be officially out of a job on the ninth.

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