Making the Most of Your Tax Free Weekend

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Knoxville (WVLT) - If you have any clothes, school supplies or even computers to buy, you may want to wait another day!

This weekend, hours the tax free shopping spree begins and Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt has some advice to make the most of your money.

Starting at 12:01 a.m. Friday until 11:59 on Sunday, if you're going to do any shopping, you should plan ahead. The more prepared you are, the more you could save!

Usually every beep at the register adds up to one big bill, but this weekend, you can shop til you drop...And save!

"To save the 9.25% sales tax will be a big, big savings," shopper Beth Palmer said.

And the sales tax holiday comes just in time for back to school shopping.

"You know August is it, so you better have it in your budget cause you're going to need it," shopper LaDonna Hembree said.

So how can you budget the weekend to maximize your savings?

If you check out your favorite stores online and in the newspaper for special ads, you could save even more!

"The items that are normally excluded tax free, Goody's actually will be paying that tax this year, so you're actually be able to get tax free on everything in the store," Goody's Assistant Manager Rachael Lindsay said.

Be organized. Know which stores you'll shop in order they are from your house. You'll save at the check-out, and the pump.

"Go for what you need, and get out and i think it's worthwhile," Palmer said.

Make a "need" and "want" list.

Check off all the items on your "need" list first, like school supplies because they're not cheap!

"No! It's terrible, you get notebooks and papers and pencils and rulers for every child, it's probably between 20-30 dollars if you go to public school, for each child," Palmer said.

Beth Palmer should know. She has four kids so she's taking full advantage of the tax free holiday.

"We've got a babysitter coming Friday morning and we're ready to go out," Palmer said.

And she knows where to go first.

For some extra savings, head to the sales rack.

"If you average 40-50 dollars a pair of tennis shoes times 4, and then get 10% off that, you know you're looking at 25-30 dollars and that's significant!" Palmer said.

Before you head out the door, it's also important to know how much you can spend in cash and on a credit card.

Remember those monthly interest rates when you charge. Buying more than you can afford now, could mean you'll pay more in interest later on.
And, not everything in the stores are sales tax free.

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